Mutual enrichment

We are happy to take over volunteers from all over the world. We consider it a very worthwhile enrichment especially for the children at Safrahost but as well for the volunteers themselves.
As a volunteer you gain a deep insight and experience in Cameroonian culture while you are involved in our work as well as in our daily life.

Types of work volunteers can take over

As our project is run just by ourselves, we are involved in any type of work from training the children, guiding them, providing food as well as computer work.

We could imagine volunteers helping in assistance or guidance of the workshops about
–    carpentry,
–    sewing,
–    knitting,
–    shoe-making,
–    shoe-mending and
–    motorbike-repairs.
We could also need voluntary help in office-related tasks such as
–    helping with computer knowledge,
–    writing projects (fundraising),
–    typing of letters / secretary tasks or
–    implementing computer workshops for the children.
Further, you are welcome to support the children socially by
–    accompanying the children / counseling
–    animation (for example sports activities).

These should be some suggestions how a volunteer could help us, but any ideas that could help the children have a better life are highly welcome.

Living as a volunteer at Safrahost

If you are willing to help us as a volunteer and make your own unforgettable personal experience by helping people, following information could be useful:

      • We have accommodation in clean single rooms with bathroom and a shared kitchen with cooking facilities where you would live in our house for free.
      • The house is located at the outer part of Kumbo-town in a quiet area (Njavnyuy).
      • Shops and the centre can be reached within walking distance or you can use a taxi.
      • Although having your private section in the house, we appreciate that you involve yourself in our big “family” as we’re living like a family.
      • So, volunteers should be open-minded and willing to adapt to the circumstances around which may be different to what you’re used to.
      • We will pick you up at the airport, so you don’t need to make travel arrangements in Cameroon in your first days.
      • Long-term volunteers are highly appreciated but we don’t have a minimum time for stay. You should just consider that it takes some time to get into a different life.

Volunteers' bedroom

Volunteers' kitchen

1 Response to Volunteering

  1. evamariawiesenthal says:

    great, dear sister, what you and your sisters do! Thank you for praying daily for me, I am very grateful! With lots of love from Vienna and maybe one day visiting and helping….Eva Maria

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