The centre has been operational for two years and we are now in the third year. It is training 93 trainees: 66 boys and 27 girls. 58 are in their first year and 35 in their third.

Graduation in June 2013

We graduated the first batch with 7 trainees; 4 from knitting and 3 from motor bike repairs. It was an enourmous occasion with a lot of jubilations and a lot of activities that pulled a large crowd of spectators as well. There were traditional dances, choral singing and award of prices.


Graduation ceremony


Graduates of 2013


The graduates of 2013




News on workshops

Thanks to our supporter Manos Unidas we started a new carpentry workshop with a high number of participants with 26 trainees.

Furthermore, we started a new workshop on welding with a total number of 9 trainees.

In the shoe workshop the trainees acquire knowledge on shoe making and mending. In September the trainees and their teacher produced 600 hundred pair of sandals for schools.

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