The centre

Youths and adults at Safrahost

The Saint Francis Home for Formation and Skill Training (Safrahost) is a skill training / vocational education centre run by the tertiary Sisters of Saint Francis (TSSF) generally known as the Franciscan Sisters. It is a boarding / day centre located at Njavnyuy, Kumbo, Cameroon, for both boys and girls who have completed primary education. The training period is 2 years. Everyone will specialise on one particular training skill according to his / her needs, talents and perspectives.

Safrahost, an educational centre for youths, has the aim to enable vulnerable teenagers to earn their own livings in a way that it offers them a further perspective for their lives. As it includes both skill training and general education it enables them to make reasonable decisions and to put them into practice.

The participants

Safrahost addresses to youths affected by HIV/Aids (orphans, abandoned, etc). Furthermore this service is offered to youths who have recently been discharged from juvenile prison and are seriously looking for a life perspective and for vulnerable youths who have completed primary school and are unable to continue with secondary education.

The training

Vocational education will permit the teenagers to find their way to the traditional and modern Cameroonian society, to fit into the structures they find and to participate as an integral part of the society. Therefore they will benefit from learning both official languages of the country, calculation and basic business skills.

In the aspect of skill training Safrahost trains them in practical work that they can use for their own lives and for posterity. Skill training takes place in:
– carpentry / woodwork
– dress making / sewing
– knitting
– motorbike repairs
– driving school for motorbikes
– shoe mending / shoe making

With time – depending on the capacity of Sister Hedwig and her colleagues – more skill training will be offered, such as machine and hand embroidery, bamboo work, pottery, farming, gardening, baring, home management (cooking, bakery), piggery, poultry and / or hair-dressing.

Training in carpentry

Practical training on motorbike repairs

Knitting workshop

Motorbike repair class

Shoe making










The Environment

Here are a few pictures of the enrionment where the children make their experiences.

The building

The dormitory

The children’s restrooms

The dining room

Having lunch in the dining room

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